Move and the Way Will Open

 Six Weeks To Move Your Body and Amplify Your Life


It’s happening again. The last time I noticed it was right after Christmas. 

The commercials. The online ads. 


“10 pounds in x-number of days (by eating food that has been sitting in a warehouse on a shelf for x-number of months).” 


“Wear this pleather, zip-up camisole to look slimmer (and swim uncomfortably in your sweat all day) and lose pounds more quickly.” 


“Summer is here. Is your body ready? (Ready for what? For who? Where we goin’?

I’m not trying to shame you or make fun of you if this is part of your efforts to deal with your weight or how you feel about your body.

I’ve been there. 

But I didn’t stay there. 

And it’s because I know a secret.

It's an open secret, actually -- but it's one that I think a lot of us ignore the impact of, or even forsake at times. 

✔️ Yes, it can change your body. 

✔️ It will also shift your energy. 

✔️ You will amplify your strength. 

✔️ You will feel invincible. 

What I know for sure is that this secret will change your entire life.

If you want it. 


Here it is: Move and the way will open. 

Move your body, embrace your body's power and light -- and it will light up your whole fucking life. 

How do I know? Girl...have we met?! 

I'm letting you in on this open secret in a six week program starts on Monday, June 25th. 

So, are you a woman who’s ready to make her MOVE?

 Let’s mull over a few questions and see what comes up for you...

✦ Are you anxious or frustrated that at summer is coming and you'll be exposing more of your body and dealing with that mental checklist you carry of its imperfections? 

✦ Or maybe you’ve just stopped caring -- and not in a way that feels freeing, but in the sense that you’d rather just hide out. You gave up a long time ago. 

✦ Wonder why it seems so easy for some women to exercise regularly and actually love it? Do you find yourself being critical of those women and making judgments like they have more time, access or money than you and they're not "real women"? (we are real, honey -- I promise you -- and so are you) 

✦ Would you like to see yourself as a woman who moves her body and fuels it with healthy foods because she craves it and wants it -- not because it's a transaction that will help her lose weight and feel like she's in body and food jail? 

✦ Or are you on the path of creating this for yourself and it’s time to amplify what you’re doing? Do you want more information, inspiration, motivation and tools to live the “orchid life” --- standing taller, more confident, unencumbered by defeating thoughts and actions that don’t serve you any more. 

Are you interested in more fun, feeling sexy, having more adventures, stronger earning power, and goals you follow through on? Yup --- #alllllthethings

✦ Want to know for yourself what freedom means? Feeling free in your body -- knowing what it can do, how it is FOR you and not against you, and having a high regard for it? 

✦ Are your for-real-ready to to shut the door on an era of your life that's fueled with ignoring yourself, feeling frustrated with, or even loathing this precious vessel that carries you through each day, pumps blood through your body, keeps that gorgeous heart beating, and houses your magnificent brain? 

You've come to the right place. 


Most of us don’t stick with diet regimens or gimmicks to shape, shove, and minimize ourselves into a number that we think is going to make us feel better or show up in the world more confidently. 

We’ll say, “it just doesn’t work” or “it got boring” or “it was too expensive.” 

And while we might look at that as failure or quitting on ourselves (yet) again, it’s really not. It’s actually an opportunity to come alive in a different way. 

You’re not here to be boxed in by a rigid or boring eating regimen or to zip up your silhouette in the equivalent of a trash bag so that you shrink your body -- and I think -- part of your spirit, too. 

Think about this: 

 If you freed up the time and energy that’s put into the restraint, deprivation, questioning of yourself and comparison to others, what would you do with your life?

How would you move through your life? 

Are you willing to be moved in every way -- and from the hands and heart of no one other than yourself? 

If you are, I’ve created something that will inspire, educate and motivate you to do just that. 

As a licensed psychotherapist, certified life coach and fitness professional, I understand the psychology of women and movement -- and it goes far beyond the physical aspect. 

Are you ready to move and be moved this summer and beyond? Join me for this 21 day group coaching program, Move And The Way Will Open: Six Weeks to Move Your Body and Amplify Your Life

➢ You’ll get six solid weeks of coaching tools delivered to you -- daily lessons, worksheets, journaling questions, videos -- and so much more. 

➢ You’ll be in a private Facebook community with other members of the group so that you’ll thrive with the combination of my coaching and the connection with other like-minded women. 

Every day, I will be in that group coaching my face off for all of you and, two days a week, I will provide live one-on-one and group coaching via Facebook Live sessions just for our group. 

Why am I doing this and what is the outcome I want you -- my client -- to have?

I’m doing this to teach you all I know about my passion for movement, how it can change your body and, most of all, how it can and will change your life. 

When we say we want things in life, it often comes out in a thought or statement that’s about an objective or result we want.

For example: 

I want to lose 50 lbs. 

I want to get off my ass and exercise and be consistent.

I want to be able to keep up with my kids / grandkids. 

I want a better job. 

I want to start my own business. 

Yes, these are goals lots of women express to me -- and I hear you. 

But do you know what I’m listening for under the layers of those words, though? 

I’m listening for how that woman wants to feel about herself and her life. 

Because when we know that, we can move towards what she wants with those desired feelings as her north star

What does this mean? 

Yes, you want an outcome, but there’s a way you want to feel that goes beyond a number on a scale, your job title or the Pure Barre class you’ve got on your calendar. 

It may come up initially as “I want a beautiful body,” but more often, it’s about this; 

I want to feel beautiful in my body.” And ...

✔︎ I want to feel free. 

✔︎ I want to feel confident. 

✔︎ I want to commit to myself and stick with me. 

✔︎ I want to feel passionate. 

✔︎ I want to be excited. 

✔︎ I want to be motivated.

✔︎ I want to be inspired. 

Move And The Way Will Open is what I am offering to you as the way, the truth, and the light to teach you this. It’s not just what I know professionally -- it’s my way of life. 

Registration is open now and we begin on June 1st. 




I move women. 

I move women when I’m standing at the helm of a group exercise class directing them through physical movements and motivating them to do more -- bigger, better, more energy, more belief in what’s possible for their bodies. 

I move women when I can express my professional knowledge about the deep and powerful connection between their minds and bodies in a way that is accessible and riveting. 

I move women when I can connect with them and share the stories of my life and the journey with my own body that inspire them to see that no matter where we’ve been … no matter what has happened to us, our bodies are with us. 

We may experience pain, losses, birth, illness, exhaustion, exuberance, heaviness and lightness -- and no matter what -- our bodies are, until our very last breath, right there with us. 

We can try to forsake her, but she remains. 

And to me, that is the most beautiful journey women can take. 

In Move And The Way Will Open, I have a unique process for showing you how moving your body and amplifying your mind are going to create movement and momentum in you life in ways you may not even know you want yet. 

But you will. 

I know this not only through my years of professional training -- I know this because I live it. 

I came to the coach I hired seven years ago and said, “could you just help me drop this 25 pounds or so that keeps tormenting me in my life? And then I can move on and do what I was doing?

“Ha!” said the universe : ) 

I thought it was about weight and getting myself to move more … and it was … but there was so, so, so much more. 


What do you get in this online group coaching program?

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the program, there will be an email from me -- just waiting for you to dive into first thing in the morning. 

It won’t be just a paragraph or two where I wish you well and tell you to get off your butt and go to the gym. 

These digital love bombs of education, inspiration and motivation are the best tools I've got that have helped me change my life and influence others: journaling, worksheets, resources, informative and inspirational videos as well as exercise and movement (with some special guests from my fitness world!), playlists and many other surprises. 

What I’ve created for you is what I call “actionable content” -- you will not simply stare at a screen and then forget. 

You will be called to think, do, act, play, change, and shift each of those days. You will become a woman who moves in her life -- in more ways than you can imagine right now. 

You will get an “assignment” each Friday that is a quest / search / mission that you fulfill and post in our private group. You’re going to love this - I promise! 

This lights me up inside, because I know this is going to be a game changer for any woman in MOVE AND THE WAY WILL OPEN -- no matter her fitness level or whatever she brings to the program from other areas of her life where she wants change and growth. You will be called to think, do, act, play, change, and shift each of those days. You will become a woman who moves in her life -- in more ways than you can imagine right now. 

From the first day of MOVE to infinity, you will be a part of a private Facebook community with other members of your group -- women from all over the world -- who will become your tribe

You will get to know one another, support, and motivate each other. 

And I will be in there with you -- every single day and several times a day -- coaching my ass off for all of you.

We will have scheduled, private Facebook Lives where I coach individuals as well as group members. 

I’ll have topics planned connected to the MOVE emails / course content AND and I’ll always set aside any agenda I have to answer any and all of your questions and coach you on this journey --- THESE are going to be so much fun and so very powerful for you guys!

Want to dig deeper into this work? Do you need some sit-down time with me on the phone or Skype to look at where you’re at and make a very specific plan of action for yourself that’s an extra serving of deliciousness in addition to all you’re getting in the MOVE group program? 

How about two, one hour sessions you can add on to the MOVE program? One at the beginning of the three weeks and one at the end or in the few weeks after we wrap MOVE on June 21st? 

I’m giving you that option, too, and at a special rate only for MOVE members.


“How do I know that what you say is true? 

Why would you, Laura Wagner, be the one to guide me to a new place with my body and my life that I haven’t been to before?

 I’ve “been there” and “done that” and nobody and nothing else has offered me a portal into sustained motivation and inspiration that’s meant enough to me to do something different. 

What you got?”

Here’s what I can tell you about who I am and the practical magic of my work: 

➤ it happens when I teach exercise classes

➤ it happens when I coach in groups or one-on-one

➤ it happens whether I see someone in person or connect with them virtually …

➤ it REALLY happens when I get to teach and inspire movement and coach women around their lives AT THE SAME TIME

➤ it is the work that God put me on this earth to do … 


Recently, I was hired to go on a women’s retreat to teach exercise classes to the attendees and coach them around the connection between their bodies and the rest of their lives. 

Part I: In the morning, they’d show up with sleepy bodies and fuzzy brains to trust me with what I was about to guide them through. 

The music would begin and I would channel that guide within myself that’s bigger than I am. 

I would teach, coach, holler, love and inspire those women to move their bodies. 

Knees up. Shoulders back. Planks. Push-ups. Squats. Dancing. Booty poppin’. Chest pumpin’. 

They would exert, breathe in and breathe out, gasp at some of my commands, laugh, play and work their asses off. 

It was a perfect symphony that reminded them each day, “I’m alive! I’m alive! I’m alive!”

Part II: I sat in quiet room with my heart and hands open to receive any woman who came to me for my guidance that extended beyond the physical movement. 

Here’s what they said: 

“I live in an isolated place and my job keeps me from getting to any classes I could take anyway -- how can I find a way to move and stick with it?”

“I was injured and healing, and it’s hard for me to change how I move; I used to be so powerful and now I can’t do what I used to do. Fitness really saved my life in some ways -- I feel lost; what do I do now?”

“I had a hysterectomy and my body is a wreck -- I don’t even recognize it anymore; in fact, I loathe my body and the heaviness of it. I just don’t want to move what I don’t like.” 

Sweaty, smiling, and weeping women (all of them having different fitness levels, weights, ages, injuries, been-exercising-all-their-lives or haven't-moved-in-months) came to me after I lovingly whooped their asses with high intensity interval training and dancing with fun and laughter, and here’s what they said: 

 "You made me see and feel things in my body and my mind that I didn't know were possible -- I feel like I can do anything.”

“It was like you were just teaching for me, even though you were there for all of us. I stayed with myself and what you directed me to do because I knew you got me and what I needed.” 

“I’ve been away from exercising for a long time -- it really is such a big part of who I am and how I feel. Thank you for reminding me of that.” 

“Can we do it again?” : ) 

Thoughtful, inquisitive, inspired and motivated women left my coaching room fully charged, recognized, realized and amplified. Here’s what they said: 

“This is not the end of something. It’s a birth -- the movement will show me what is next if I let it. Thank you thank you thank you.” 

“I see a way now that’s not even a compromise like I thought it was going to be -- it’s like a land waiting to be explored. I’m so excited about making plans for myself.”

“I thought I would have to settle, and I don’t. I can create what I want and need -- I don’t have to wait on anybody, anything or time or place -- this can be by my design. I would have never seen it this way if not for this conversation.”

Yes, queens. To all. of. it. 

THAT is what transpires. 

And when I hear and see all of this, I know for sure what I've always known. 

Move and the way will open. 

In more monumental ways that you can even know right now. 

It's that good. 

And it’s just waiting for you to say “yes.”



First day of the program: Thursday, 6/25/18 

Cost: $299 

Three emails a week: Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 

✔︎ A “lesson” story to inform, inspire and motivate you around wellness, fitness and how it is going to teach you about other parts of your life 

✔︎ Exercises / worksheets / journaling that fuel fun, curiosity, mind and habit shifts, self-love, higher regard for your body

✔︎ These exercises and lessons will also be pivotal in helping you set life goals for yourself because the connection between your body and mind will help you become more clear and creative. 

✔︎ Short fitness videos of with me (and a couple of “special guest stars”) showing doable, strong and fun moves to inspire and motivate you

✔︎ Lovingly curated playlists for workouts / power walks / dance breaks

✔︎ Resources, resources, resources -- I know a lot of good stuff and I want to share it with you

✔︎ The Friday “quest” / homework assignment 


Private Facebook group: Up and running June 25th, and you’ll keep going! The group will not close when the program ends. 

✔︎ This is for that female connection that helps us find our tribe, sustain our motivation and get daily coaching, interaction, provocation, love from me 

✔︎ I’ll post YouTube and Vimeo posts, as well as Facebook Lives just for you throughout the program. AND - I will be in Italy the last week of the program, so I will do a “fitness that travels” series to show you how you can move on purpose ANYwhere in the world. 

If you choose to add 1:1 coaching sessions, you will get a link to my calendar to set those up at a time that fits our schedules. You’ll get some special pre-work and homework from me, too, if we’re hanging out one-on-one. 

Registration is open for Move And The Way Will Open now. 

To claim your spot, make your payment below. You’ll receive confirmation that you’re “in” and you’re all set for June 1st. 



** I have borrowed my refund policy from my friend and colleague, Susan Hyatt, when it comes to any of my programs, and it goes like this: 

Buy thoughtfully and carefully. Discern that you have / are willing to make the time and commitment to do this work for yourself. 

If you bought a $300 ticket to see Beyonce in concert and: 

You couldn’t find child care.

You decided you got swept away by the excitement, and went over your budget.

You decided to sell your house and now you need that money.

You got to the show and didn’t like the first song and decided to leave.

Well then, Beyonce is not going to give you your money back. She’s got a job to do and bills to pay. 

Also, her work is her magnum opus -- she puts her brain, back and ass into it -- literally. And so do I with my work. 

All of that said, Beyonce and I are on the same page, and while we are women that empathize with the curves life throws at us, well -- I’ll quote her:

“Strong enough to bear the children … and get back to business.” 

You deal with your issues and make it work or cut your losses. 

I want you here with all of my heart. Make sure you want to be here, too. 

Here we go! 

I can’t predict what will happen for you in MOVE this summer, but I can promise you this: 

you will not come away unchanged.