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Move and the Way Will Open

6 Weeks To Move Your Body & Revolutionize Your Life


Fifteen years ago, I was a woman in that stage of her life that a lot of women pass through. 

Married. We had a two year old daughter.  

Sleep was a wish versus my reality most of the time.  

I was trying to shape my career by finishing graduate school with my one year old in tow. I was trying to figure out if I wanted to work part time. Full time. Three fifths of the time. 

I look at the woman holding that little girl in that first photo and love her with all of my heart because she was doing the best she could in 2002.  

I see her hiding because she wasn’t sure if she was making the right choices.  

Her spirit was one that begged to sparkle -- to be seen and heard; it wasn’t going to fit into the box of a traditional 9 - 5 job.  

It wasn’t going to be swallowed up by oversized clothes or muted hair to hide behind.  

She wasn’t meant to hide behind her children. Or anyone else. 

The summer I was going to turn 40 years old, though, I knew I was done hiding.  

I was about 35 pounds above my natural weight. I figured if I could get that “out of the way,” then life would be easier.  

I was pretty tough on myself in terms of what I thought I “should” be doing in life or what success looked like on my body or in my life.  

In 2011, I kept plowing ahead -- I was in graduate school earning a masters degree in psychotherapy to help people feel strong and healthy, but I didn’t feel that way myself.  

My perspective was blurry in terms of seeing how much I had grown as a woman and what I’d worked through in the past few years of my life at that time: 


Four miscarriages within less than two years


Fertility treatments that had my body and mind on a roller coaster of hormones and emotions. 


An up-and-down path to adoption that led us to our beautiful son who was born in Hawaii


Navigating a career where I shifted jobs many times to fit in with my family’s needs and my interests.


Moving a family to a new house and starting a second graduate degree in the same month. The same week, actually.


Trying to “get a handle” on myself and my weight and feeling frustrated and sad. 

  • I tried SlimFast shakes during the day and would be starving at night.  
  • I joined Weight Watchers online so I didn’t have to go to meetings and feel embarrassed that people would question me being there because the weight I was carrying wasn’t “enough.”  
  • I liked to exercise, but it was more transactional versus something I did out of love, joy and satisfaction. I wanted to subtract the “bad stuff” I’d done in terms of eating.  

You know what? I’ve been there. 

But I didn’t stay there. 

I embarked on a personal revolution that changed my body and my life.

And it’s because I know a secret that became apparent to me all of those years ago when I decided to make my life happen versus letting life happen to me.  


Here it is: Move and the way will open. 

Move your body, embrace your body's power and light -- and it will light up your whole fucking life. 

I'm turning up the volume on this secret in a six week program that begins on Monday, June 25th, 2018. 

So, are you a woman who’s ready to make her MOVE?

Let’s go through some questions and see what comes up for you… 

✦ Would you like to see yourself as a woman who moves her body and fuels it with healthy foods because she craves it and wants it -- not because it's a transaction that will help her lose weight and feel like she's in body and food jail?

✦ Are you anxious about exposing your body in a swimsuit, the gym or in dressing room (or anywhere else) and dealing with that mental checklist you carry of its imperfections? 

✦ Perhaps y0u thought that losing weight would make you happier … and you did lose it, but you gained it back. Maybe you’re “there” and you dropped that weight a while ago, but still feel lost. Either way, there’s a missing piece.

✦ Maybe you’ve just stopped caring about the planning, calculations and attention you’ve given to “getting it together” when it comes to your body -- and not in a way that feels freeing, but in the sense that you’d rather just hide out. You gave up some time ago. 

✦ Do you want to know for yourself what freedom means? Feeling free in your body -- knowing what it can do, how it is FOR you and not against you, and having a high regard for it? 

✦ Are you willing to believe it’s possible to to shut the door on an era of your life that's fueled with ignoring yourself, feeling frustrated with, or even loathing this precious vessel that carries you through each day, pumps blood through your body, keeps that gorgeous heart beating, and houses your magnificent brain? 

If you saw yourself in any of those thoughts or questions, then MOVE And The Way Will Open is something I’ve created for you.


I move women. 

I move women when I’m standing at the helm of a group exercise class directing them through physical movements and motivating them to do more -- bigger, better, more energy, more belief in what’s possible for their bodies. 

I move women when I can express my professional knowledge about the deep and powerful connection between their minds and bodies in a way that is accessible and riveting. 

I move women when I can connect with them and share the stories of my life and the journey with my own body that inspire them to see that no matter where we’ve been … no matter what has happened to us, our bodies are with us. 

We may experience pain, losses, birth, illness, exhaustion, exuberance, heaviness and lightness -- and no matter what -- our bodies are, until our very last breath, right there with us. 

We can try to forsake her, but she remains. 

And to me, that is the most beautiful journey women can take. 

In Move And The Way Will Open, I have a unique process for showing you how moving your body and amplifying your mind are going to create movement and momentum in you life in ways you may not even know you want yet. 

But you will. 

I know this not only through my years of professional training -- I know this because I live it. 

I came to the coach I hired seven years ago and said, “could you just help me drop this 25 pounds or so that keeps tormenting me in my life? And then I can move on and do what I was doing?

“Ha!” said the universe : ) 

I thought it was about weight and getting myself to move more … and it was … but there was so much more. 

The teaching and coaching you’re getting from me in these lessons won’t just be a paragraph or two where I wish you well and tell you to get off your butt and go to the gym. 


Here's what you get with the MOVE program

1. Six weeks of MOVE lessons delivered to your inbox three times a week. Here are just some of the topics:  

  • Muscle memory
  • Progression
  • When You Feel Stuck
  • Endurance
  • Body and Thought Sculpting 
  • Fuel For The Movement
  • Your Core  


2. Within these lessons, you will get inspirational and informative videos featuring movement, as well as guidance and advice from my thoughtfully chosen guests.  

3. There will be private, live MOVE classes on the Zoom video conferencing platform (you can also call in). I will be coaching and teaching these classes to augment the MOVE curriculum, answer your questions and maybe even teach mini-fitness classes while we’re online. All of the live classes will be recorded and shared with you. 

4. Coaching from me within our private MOVE Facebook community. You’ll get connection and accountability with other like-minded women who will become your tribe as you move, shift, grow, recognize, realize, and mobilize your body and your life. 

I will check in with that group three times a day (early morning, afternoon and evening) to look at your conversations and questions and offer you the best coaching, guidance and advice I’ve got. I may even do Facebook Lives to address your questions and needs from time to time.  

5. An opportunity to work privately with me. I’m offering a package with 1:1 coaching sessions for you to amplify your group program experience. It’s just you and me on Zoom or on my conference line, working on your specific goals. 


"How do I know that what you say is true? 

Why would you, Laura Wagner, be the one to guide me to a new place with my body and my life that I haven’t been to before?

 I’ve “been there” and “done that” and nobody and nothing else has offered me a portal into sustained motivation and inspiration that’s meant enough to me to do something different. 

What are you going to tell me that I don’t already know?"

Here’s what I can tell you about who I am and the practical magic of my work: 

➤ it happens when I teach exercise classes

➤ it happens when I coach in groups or one-on-one

➤ it happens whether I see someone in person or connect with them virtually …

➤ it REALLY happens when I get to teach and inspire movement and coach women around their lives AT THE SAME TIME

➤ it is the work that God put me on this earth to do … 


I inspire women to get moving and be moved by what they can create in their lives. 

And when I hear and see all of this, I know for sure what I've always known. 

Move and the way will open. 

In more monumental ways that you can even know right now. 

It's that good. 

And it’s just waiting for you to say “yes.”


The investment for the MOVE program is $299. You can reserve your spot by making a $49 deposit now (and pay the balance in full, or in two installments). 

Join us for MOVE today!


So for what breaks down to just $50 a week, you get a unique program created by me, a psychotherapist, life coach and fitness professional, who is going to teach you what I promise you they’re going to leave out at that gym you’re going to join in January.

I’m giving you lessons packed with information, resources and worksheets that help you understand where you are and make changes to get where you want to go.  

✔︎ You get live classes with me. 

✔︎ You get community and support with the other members. 

✔︎ You get some actual exercise videos with me. 

✔︎ You get my guest experts offering tips, advice and inspiration.

✔︎ You have an opportunity to work 1:1 with me to augment your group program.


$50 a week.  

$7.14 a day dedicated to a loving program of health, fitness, fun and self-discovery that can change your life forever.  

All of that … is actually priceless.  

You may hire a personal trainer to show you how to take care of your body. I can teach you some of those things, too.  

What they can’t impart to you, though, that I can -- is personal training for the soul. That’s my magic. That’s why I created MOVE for you.

Do you want the MOVE group experience, as well as three 1:1 individual coaching sessions with me? 

If you want to amplify your MOVE experience, here is an opportunity to add 1:1 sessions with me to get focused on your specific needs with extra support and coaching in addition to the group program.  

You will get three sessions (by phone, or face-to-face in my Louisville office, if you’re local) that you can schedule during the program or for up to three months after MOVE concludes. 

The investment for the MOVE program + the 1:1 sessions is $799.


(A $99 deposit is required and you will make two payments of $350).  

** I have borrowed my refund policy from my friend and colleague, Susan Hyatt, when it comes to any of my programs, and it goes like this: 

Buy thoughtfully and carefully. Discern that you have / are willing to make the time and commitment to do this work for yourself. 

If you bought a $179 ticket to see Beyonce in concert and: 

You couldn’t find child care

You decided you got swept away by the excitement, and went over your budget

You decided to sell your house and now you need that money

You got to the show and didn’t like the first song and decided to leave

Well then, Beyonce is not going to give you your money back, honey. She’s got a job to do and bills to pay. 

Also, her work is her magnum opus -- she puts her brain, back and ass into it -- literally. And so do I with my work. 

All of that said, Beyonce and I are on the same page, and while we are women that empathize with the curves life throws at us, well -- I’ll quote her:

“Strong enough to bear the children … and get back to business.” 

You deal with your issues and make it work or cut your losses. 

I want you here with all of my heart. Make sure you want to be here, too. 

Here we go! 

I can’t predict what will happen for you in MOVE, but I can promise you this: 

you will not come away unchanged.