It’s time to live your best life.

Make simple & powerful changes to energize your mind.

I need this!

What would it feel like to transform the obstacles in these uncertain times?

Inspiration, motivation, knowledge and fun brought to you by a licensed therapist, life coach and fitness pro. The Living Your Life In Real Life Ebook is a 5 Day Challenge with worksheets and challenges specially curated to help you identify and make simple changes to amplify your life.

This 5 Day Challenge will show you how to:

Use your mind on purpose

and build your mental muscles.

Stop Managing

and start trusting your body -- all it takes is 1% of your day.

Participate in the miracles

that you are happening all around you every single day.

Sculpt your future

and make meaningful changes that will lead to the miracles you are hoping for.

...for only $27.

"I definitely feel this challenge came at just the right time to reaffirm that I'm exactly where I need to be at this moment. The greatest takeaway has been in embodying the present moment and being present for me."

— Challenge Participant

Included in the challenge:

Daily Challenges

Focus on your mind, muscles and miracles.

Worksheets & Coaching Tools

Proven techniques that I use with my life coaching clients.

Proven strategies to reach your goals

Thought work and exercises to help you change the way you think.

A special invitation

Expand your work by booking an appointment with Laura.

After the year you've had, you deserve this.

You hold the pen that writes your story. Your thoughts, your movement and your willingness to participate fully in life are dependent on what is written. What will you write?

I'm ready!